Project Objectives

Wider Objectives

  • To change the theoretical type of learning in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia to practice-oriented competence-based approach.
  • To speed up integration between Higher Educational Institutes and business in target countries.
  • To establish cooperation between EU and target countries in education and research.

Specific Project Objectives

  • To create practice-oriented curricula and modules in Embedded Systems, with the learning support of dedicated embedded hardware for lab exercises.
  • To create remote and virtual laboratories in Embedded System in UA, GE, AM for distance and e-learning
  • To form the competences necessary for the Labor Market in Embedded Systems, being technical knowledge and expertise and soft skills.
  • To provide lab infrastructure for CAM/CAD/CAE.
  • To establish interactive Wiki-based project management tools and an electronic learning environment.
  • To disseminate knowledge gained to external stakeholders, like private enterprises, public entities and employment agencies.